Export Promotion Councils in India are not only beneficial for Indian exporters but also provide valuable support and resources to foreign importers.

Fair Days:- 12th-16th October,2023

Fair Timings : 09.00 AM – 06.00 PM (IST)

Fair Venue: India Expo Center & Mart, Greater Noida, Delhi-NCR

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1.**Access to Quality Products**: Export Promotion Councils work closely with Indian exporters to ensure that the products and services meet international quality standards.
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This assures foreign importers that they are dealing with reliable and quality-conscious suppliers.
2. **Market Information**: EPCs provide valuable market insights and research reports to foreign importers, helping them make informed decisions about importing specific products from India. This information includes market trends, potential demand, and competitor analysis.
Discovering a World of Opportunities: The Wide Range of Products Available at the Fair
• A Showcase of Home and Hospitality Products
• Christmas and Holiday Ornamental Décor
• Stylish Bath Accessories
• Lawn, Garden Decor, and Enhancements
• Bags, luggage & leather goods

3. **Customized Product Sourcing**: EPCs can help foreign importers identify suitable Indian suppliers based on their specific product requirements. They act as intermediaries, streamlining the process of finding the right partners.

4. **Assistance with Regulatory Compliance**: Foreign importers often face complex regulatory and compliance issues when importing products from India. Export Promotion Councils can guide them through the relevant regulations, documentation, and procedures.

5. **Access to Export Promotion Schemes**: EPCs can educate foreign importers about the various export promotion schemes offered by the Indian government. Understanding these schemes can help importers negotiate better terms with their Indian suppliers.

6. **Resolving Disputes**: In case of any disputes or issues arising during the import process, foreign importers can seek assistance from EPCs. These councils can mediate and help find amicable solutions.

7. **Market Entry Support**: For foreign importers looking to enter the Indian market, EPCs can provide guidance on market entry strategies, distribution channels, and consumer preferences. This support can be invaluable for foreign businesses seeking to expand their presence in India.

8. **Trade Policy Updates**: Export Promotion Councils closely monitor changes in trade policies, tariffs, and regulations in India. They can keep foreign importers informed about any updates that may impact their imports.

9. **Quality Control and Certification**: EPCs often assist foreign importers in verifying the authenticity of Indian products and certifications. This helps ensure that imported goods meet the required standards.


In summary, Export Promotion Councils in India serve as valuable partners for foreign importers by providing them with essential support, information, and resources to facilitate smooth and successful trade relationships. They play a crucial role in promoting India as a reliable and attractive destination for imports, ultimately benefiting both Indian exporters and foreign importers alike.

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