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Located in Noida, Panoramic Sourcing is a renowned fashion sourcing agency that assists clients in locating handcrafted goods, furniture, fashion accessories, metalwork, and woodwork all around the world. We are a market leader with more than 20 years of experience working with domestic and international clients. Customer happiness, product quality, and cost-effectiveness are of the foremost significance to our organisation. Being a top fashion sourcing agent, we help our clients in fulfilling their fashion accessory sourcing requirements.

We are a vibrant apparel sourcing agent, and we are passionate about the merchandise. Thanks to our strong attention to detail, our access to top-notch production facilities, and our commitment to international quality standards, we promise a variety of offering levels. We carefully monitor every stage of the activities we carry out in order to deliver the goods at the proper pace to the demands of the continually changing retail industry.

Our apparel sourcing agents in India, who have years of industry expertise, provide the ideal mix of regional and cultural understanding with market competency in order to meet the wants and expectations of our clients. We are committed to making sure that your company gains from features like economical sustainable sourcing, strict quality control, and prompt order fulfilment. We try to make sure that your company’s bottom line rises each time you buy products from India. As a reputable fashion sourcing agency , we prioritise satisfied clients.

At Panoramic Sourcing, a knowledgeable team of merchandisers and designers has all the information on the design-to-shelf process. Our area of expertise is bringing the design aspirations of our clients to life by fusing innovation, creativity, and their goals. Our fashion sourcing agency’s office is located in the Noida City Industrial Area, a city close to Delhi. Our staff at Panoramic Sourcing likes working with a variety of customers, including boutiques, wholesalers, importers, online retailers, and significant global fashion retailers.

Fashion Accessories Sourcing

India is a leader in the world’s Gems industry

The gem and jewellery business in India is regarded as one of the largest, accounting for around 29% of the world’s jewellery consumption. The overall value of jewellery exports in FY21 was USD 25.30 billion, and over the following five years, the goal is to increase to USD 80 billion. By the end of 2022, the sector is predicted to employ 8.23 million people, a significant rise from the 5 million employed in 2020. The United States, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Belgium, and Israel are the main countries from which stones and jewellery are exported.


The Fashion Accessory Industry

India plays a significant role in the worldwide clothing and accessories fashion scene. In 2020–21, India will export 12.2 billion dollars’ worth of readymade clothing alone to the United States, the European Union, other areas of Asia, and the Middle East. Indian exports of clothing and fashion accessories are anticipated to reach 82 billion dollars in 2021–2022, representing a 12% CAGR over the preceding three years.
An endless array of Indian manufacturers of fashion accessories is provided by our fashion sourcing agents. These trendy accessories for men and women produce a wide range of fashionable and vibrant items that look well with both Indian ethnic dress and Western attire.

The Government Has Helped The Fashion Industry To Thrive

Given the government’s strong emphasis on technological innovation, the production of such items necessitates the employment of cutting-edge machinery capable of producing a variety of accessories in high quantities suited for contract manufacturing over extended periods.
Exports to foreign customers frequently use specific manufacturing processes like contract manufacturing and private labeling. Panoramic agency, being a top apparel sourcing agent in India helps to fulfill all these requirements of our clients.

Other Products We Source

Leather Goods
We are an elite sourcing company that deals in all types of leather products. Our main objective is to help our clients get top quality leather products from well-reputed manufacturers. We deal in leather shoes, leather belts, leather wallets, leather sandals, etc. according to the requirements of our customers.
Home Furnishings
We can also help our clients to source household items such as curtains, aprons, cushions, towels, etc. Our sourcing agents have connections with some of the best manufacturers who can easily fulfill all your sourcing requirements.
Handcrafted Products
We have a dedicated team that deals in handcrafted products and takes care of all the sourcing requirements of our clients. Sourcing handicrafts can be a difficult task since most of these craftsmen are located in rural parts.

The Services We Offer

Each manufacturer we work with is thoroughly assessed for its ability to produce, design collection, cost, environmental management, and adherence to labour laws. We work together with the supplier based on where they excel so that we can achieve our objectives for pricing, quality, and delivery dates. Every single one of our manufacturers and suppliers has completed a social audit and complies fully with the requirements for BSCI, Sedex, SA 8000, and other certificates.

We follow all procedures and formats advised by the customer, and we offer the best logistical support to our partners.

From sampling to shipping, the team at our product sourcing firm closely monitors each stage of production. Throughout the sample creation process, we conduct risk analyses with the manufacturer and give the client all necessary information. We give our clients weekly production status updates for both development and production plans in order to keep them informed about all production stages of a certain style.

Our fashion sourcing agents strictly maintain our quality standards in order to meet customer requirements and ensure on-time delivery. We use quality monitors and do multiple functioning order checks on everything, from the raw materials to the packing of the products. To ensure that everything is in working order, we adhere to a thorough inspection procedure. We promise that all holes identified during our inspections will be filled in by the plant.

  • Here are a few of the tests we make:
  • product risk analysis and a pre-production meeting.
  • Raw material inspection
  • Line inspection
  • Midline examination
  • Final examination

Frequently Asked Question

Panoramic Sourcing Services, one of the leading sourcing companies in the country, offers its clients high-quality sourced products.

All of our clients’ fashion accessories supply needs are taken care of by the expert leather buying agents at Panoramic Sourcing Company. We provide a variety of fashion accessories, including bags, jewellery, other accessories.

Quality assurance is our guiding concept, and client happiness is another. As a result, you can be sure that everything you purchase from our apparel sourcing agency will be of a high standard.

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