Quality Check Inspection

Quality Check Inspection

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Inspect Now! Pay Later!

Welcome to Panoramic Sourcing – Your Trusted Partner in Quality Check Inspection Services Across India!

At Panoramic Sourcing, we understand the significance of quality in your products, and that’s why we have come up with BASIC Quality Check Inspection services in some of India’s major manufacturing hubs: Moradabad, known for its handicrafts; Kanpur, the leather city of India; Karur, the textile hub; and Delhi NCR. Our mission is to ensure that your products meet the highest standards, and we will do it at
an unbeatable price of just $99 – all-inclusive!

Inspection Package Included:
  1. Visual Inspection: Our team conducts a thorough visual inspection of the products, ensuring that they meet the specified quality standards and match your expectations.
  2. Product Specification Check: Your prescribed specifications are our guidelines. We check each product against these specifications, ensuring that they align perfectly with your requirements.
  3. Random Quality Inspection: As an added layer of assurance, our team will conduct random quality checks on 1% of the total quantity, ensuring that the entire batch maintains consistent quality.
  4. Packaging Parameters: We check all the required parameters of packaging like box quality, bubble wrap, etc. to guarantee that your products are well-protected during transit.
  5. Drop Test: We subject the products and their packaging to a drop test, ensuring that they can withstand the rigors of handling and shipping without any damage.
  6. Barcode Readability Assurance : We go beyond just checking; we ensure that barcodes are properly readable, minimizing any potential Amazon FBA challanges.
  7. Master Carton Checking: At Panoramic Sourcing, our Master Carton Checking services ensure Amazon FBA compliances like master carton weight not more than 22.5 KG and 63.5cm above. 
  8. Quantity Verification: Our team verifies the quantity of products to ensure that you receive exactly what you ordered, preventing any discrepancies.
  9. Custom Required Carton Marking: Our expert services ensure precise and custom-compliant carton marking, quantity, carton number, etc.,
  10. Virtual Tour of Factory: Get an exclusive virtual tour of the manufacturing facility, allowing you to assess the working conditions, technology used, and overall production environment. (Subject to supplier permission)
Benefits of Doing Basic Inspection Services

1. Detect Problems Before Shipment: Ensure a hassle-free shipment by detecting and resolving issues before products leave the supplier facility, safeguarding your brand reputation and customer satisfaction.
2. Maintaining Supplier Standards: 3rd party QC inspection Enforcing supplier standards encourages the supplier to uphold the quality standard, especially in comparison to scenarios where no quality audit is involved.
3. Encouraging Timely Shipment by Suppliers: By providing the 3rd party QC Inspection, will push them to timely manufacture the goods.
4. Inspect Today, Pay Later: We believe in building trust. Inspect your products today and pay later, making the process convenient for you.
5. Acceptance of All Currencies: We accept all currencies, ensuring flexibility and save in transaction charges.
6.  Easy and Hassle-Free: Our process is designed to make quality checks easy and hassle-free for buyers, providing peace of mind throughout the sourcing journey.

Why choose Panoramic Sourcing?

Panoramic Sourcing stands out for its extensive expertise in conducting Quality Check inspections in key manufacturing cities across India, including Moradabad, Kanpur, Karur, and Delhi NCR. Our seasoned professionals understand the nuances of each industry, ensuring that your products meet the highest standards, no matter the category.

We offer a comprehensive suite of inspection services, including virtual factory tours, visual inspections, drop tests, and more—all at an unbeatable price of just $99, making quality assurance accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Inspecting your products with Panoramic Sourcing is a breeze. Our “Inspect Today, Pay Later” policy adds a layer of flexibility to the process, allowing you to assess the quality of your products before making any financial commitments. Moreover, we accept all currencies, ensuring a seamless and convenient transaction experience.

Our inspections go beyond checking boxes; they exert pressure on suppliers to ensure that every product is crafted to perfection. By setting high standards, we motivate suppliers to prioritize quality, resulting in flawless products that meet and exceed your expectations.

At Panoramic Sourcing, our commitment to quality doesn’t stop at the inspection. If any issues are identified, we work closely with suppliers to make necessary corrections. This dedication to issue resolution and continuous improvement ensures that the final products align with your specifications and quality standards.

Choose Panoramic Sourcing for Quality Check inspections that offer unparalleled expertise, affordability, flexibility, and a commitment to excellence. We are your trusted partner in ensuring that your products meet the highest quality standards, providing peace of mind throughout the sourcing process.


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Frequently Asked Question

Panoramic Sourcing specializes in a diverse range of products, including Handcrafted items, Home Furnishings, Leather goods, and Fashion Accessories. Our extensive network allows us to cater to various sourcing needs, ensuring you have access to top-quality and trendsetting products.

Our factory evaluation process involves on-site inspections, quality assessments, and compliance checks to ensure that the factories we connect you with meet the highest standards. It’s crucial to guarantee production capabilities, ethical practices, and overall reliability. This process provides you with confidence in the manufacturing partners we recommend.

Absolutely! We specialize in helping Amazon Sellers navigate the complexities of sourcing from India. From product selection to delivery, our comprehensive services ensure a seamless experience, allowing you to enhance your product offerings on the Amazon platform.

Our sampling process allows you to assess the quality, design, and functionality of the products before mass production. It’s a crucial step to ensure that the final products align with your expectations. Your feedback during the sampling stage is invaluable in shaping the end products that will reach your customers.

Panoramic Sourcing stands out due to its commitment to reliability, transparency, and efficiency. We treat your sourcing needs with the utmost dedication, providing transparent communication throughout the process. Our streamlined and efficient processes ensure that your products reach you promptly without compromising on quality, making us your trusted partner in the sourcing journey from India.

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