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    Welcome to Panoramic Sourcing, India. We are a professionally managed Sourcing Agency offering best sourcing solutions for vast product lines - Handicrafts, Leather Goods, Fashion Accessories, Home Furnishings etc.

  • Handicraft India sourcing

    Discover the heart of Indian craftsmanship with us. Present in key handicraft cities like Moradabad, Saharanpur, Jodhpur, Agra, Sambal, we offer an array of Metal, Wooden, Glass, Marble, Stone, and Bone articles.

  • Dive into our collection of exquisite leather products sourced from India's major hubs – Delhi/NCR, Kanpur, Kolkata, Chennai, Jalandhar, and beyond. Unparalleled craftsmanship, curated for your satis

  • Explore a captivating array of Fashion Accessories with our strong hold on products like Fashion Bags, Imitation Jewellery, Leather Belts, Raffia Bags, Macrame Bags, Beaded Bags, Scarves, and more.

  • Located in Karur, the hub of home textiles in South India, our QC office ensures excellence in every product. From bedding to curtains, cushions, and kitchen linens, quality is our commitment


Panoramic Sourcing has a skilled team who are experts in the process of design-to-shelf. Our expertise lies in weaving innovation and creativity with the design vision of our customers and translating them into reality.


Regular factory visits and follow-up meetings for timely delivery of the order. Conducting inspections at various stages from raw material to final packing to ensure quality conformity.


Panoramic Sourcing believes that communication is the heart of our business. That is why we keep effective, transparent & fast communication to speed up the entire supply chain.

We Have an Highly Experienced Team

 A talented group of merchandisers and designers at Panoramic Sourcing are experienced in the design-to-shelf process. Our specialty is turning our clients’ design visions into reality by fusing innovation and creativity with them. The office of our sourcing company is situated in Noida City Industrial Area, a city which is just next to Delhi. The staff at Panoramic Sourcing is proud to serve a diverse group of clients, including boutiques, wholesalers, importers, web-based shops, and major global fashion retailers.

We Develop Products Under Detailed Supervision

We are an imaginative and enthusiastic team that is deeply committed to the Product. We assure many levels of offering with a keen eye for detail, access to best-in-class production facilities, and adherence to international quality standards. To provide the items to the always changing retail industry at the needed pace, we take detailed care of all the processes that we undertake.

100% Dedication Towards Customer Satisfaction

In order to satisfy the demands and expectations of our clients, as sourcing agents with years of experience in the field, we offer the ideal blend of regional and cultural awareness with market expertise. We are dedicated to making sure that your business benefits from things like cost-effective sustainable sourcing, tight quality control, and on-time order fulfillment. Every time you purchase items from India, we want to make sure your company’s bottom line increases. We also offer the exclusive service of product sourcing for amazon and other websites too.

India Sourcing

Products We Source

Leather Goods
We are an elite sourcing company that deals in all types of leather products. Our main objective is to help our clients get top quality leather products from well-reputed manufacturers. We deal in leather shoes, leather belts, leather wallets, leather sandals, etc. according to the requirements of our customers.
Home Furnishings
We can also help our clients to source household items such as curtains, aprons, cushions, towels, etc. Our sourcing agents have connections with some of the best manufacturers who can easily fulfill all your sourcing requirements.
Fashion Accessories
The ever changing fashion industry requires a lot of orders that are in accordance with the latest fashion trends. Whether it is jewellery, fashion bags or scarfs, we got it all covered out for you. Our product sourcing specialists will take care of all your sourcing needs and make sure that you get your desired products.
Handcrafted Products
We have a dedicated team that deals in handcrafted products and takes care of all the sourcing requirements of our clients. Sourcing handicrafts can be a difficult task since most of these craftsmen are located in rural parts.
Services we offer

The team of our product sourcing company keeps an eye on every step of the production process, from sampling to shipment. We do a risk analysis with the manufacturer throughout the sample development stage and provide the client with all pertinent data. To keep our clients updated on all production phases of a certain style, we provide them weekly production progress reports for development as well as production plans.

We make sure that all levels of contact with our consumers are easy and open. Our team makes sure that all emails from customers are answered within 24 hours, and we attempt to answer as soon as possible. We think that swift & effective communication is essential to managing the business.

Each factory we partner with undergoes a thorough evaluation for product capabilities, design collection, price, environmental management, and labour law compliance. We collaborate with the supplier based on their areas of strength, which will enable us to meet our goals for costs, quality, and delivery dates. All of our suppliers and factories have undergone social audits and are completely compliant with all standards for BSCI, Sedex, SA 8000, and other certificates.

We adhere to all methods and formats recommended by the client, and we provide our partners with the most efficient logistical assistance.

To satisfy client demands and guarantee on-time delivery, we strictly enforce our quality standards. From the raw materials through the packaging of the items, we employ quality monitors and carry out numerous checks for working orders. We follow a detailed inspection process to make sure that everything is in order. We guarantee that the factory will fill in all gaps found during our inspections.
Some of the checks we perform are:

  • a pre-production meeting and a product risk analysis.
  • Inspection of raw materials
  • Inspection in line
  • Midline Examination
  • Final Examination

Why Panoramic

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Why Choose Our Sourcing Services?

We are able to obtain the most affordable price for our clients because to our unparalleled bargaining abilities and ability for fruitful contacts with suppliers.

Anytime, day or night, you may get in touch with our customer service representatives, who will answer your questions and solve any issues. Communication problems are less frequent because our customer service staff members speak English fluently. Being one of the best product sourcing website, client satisfaction is our main objective.

All of your things must pass an inspection requirement and follow employment standards in order for us to give you a thorough and ethically acceptable sourcing policy. Our product sourcing agents exclusively conduct business with authorised manufacturing partners in India that permits us to deal in only high grade items.

Working with us will undoubtedly boost the profitability of your business since we provide the most competitive pricing in the sector. Because of our wide-ranging national network, we can give you the greatest service imaginable. With the exceptional bargaining skills of our product sourcing specialists, you can sure of getting the products at the lowest prices possible.

To satisfy client demands and guarantee on-time delivery, we strictly enforce our quality standards. From the raw materials through the packaging of the items, we employ quality monitors and carry out numerous checks for working orders. We follow a detailed inspection process to make sure that everything is in order. We guarantee that the factory will fill in all gaps found during our inspections.
Some of the checks we perform are:

  • a pre-production meeting and a product risk analysis.
  • Inspection of raw materials
  • Inspection in line
  • Midline Examination
  • Final Examination

Your India Sourcing Guide

Welcome to Panoramic Sourcing – Your Premier Sourcing Partner in India!

Are you an Amazon Seller looking for a reliable sourcing partner to enhance your product offerings? Look no further! Panoramic Sourcing is your trusted buying agency in India, specializing in Handcrafted, Home Furnishing, Leather, and Fashion Accessories products. With a global clientele, we take pride in being the best sourcing company in India, offering comprehensive services to meet all your sourcing needs.

Our Expertise:

  1. Home Furnishings: As experienced buying agents of home furnishings, we connect you with top-quality products that add comfort and style to any home. From bed linens to curtains, our sourcing expertise covers a wide range of home decor essentials.
  2. Home Decoration Items: Elevate your product range with our curated selection of home decoration items. Our buying agents ensure that you have access to unique and trendy items that captivate your customers.
  3. Kitchen Accessories: Stay ahead in the competitive market with our diverse range of kitchen accessories. Our buying agents of kitchen accessories identify the latest trends and source products that combine functionality with aesthetics.
  4. Handcrafted Products: Make a statement with our handcrafted stationery items. Our buying agents bring you a collection that appeals to those who appreciate craftsmanship and uniqueness in every detail.
  5. Fashion Accessories: Stand out in the fashion industry with our exclusive range of  fashion accessories. As your trusted buying agency, we ensure that you have access to the latest trendy products that cater to diverse tastes.
  6. Leather Goods: Our expertise extends to being a top sourcing agency for leather products in India. From bags to wallets, we connect you with reliable manufacturers to meet the demands of your discerning customers.

Why Choose Panoramic Sourcing:

– Global Reach: With clients worldwide, we understand the dynamics of international markets and tailor our sourcing services to meet diverse preferences.
– Quality Assurance: We prioritize quality, conducting rigorous inspections to ensure that the products you source through us meet the highest standards.
– Customized Solutions: Our team of dedicated professionals works closely with you to understand your unique requirements, providing personalized solutions that align with your business goals.
– Amazon Seller Support: We specialize in helping Amazon Sellers navigate the complexities of sourcing from India. Our comprehensive services ensure a seamless experience from product selection to delivery.

Partner with Panoramic Sourcing and experience the difference of having a reliable buying agency in India by your side. Contact us today to explore endless possibilities and elevate your product offerings!

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