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Panoramic Sourcing; A Premier Sourcing Company

Panoramic Sourcing is a premier sourcing company located in Noida that helps clients to source handcrafted products, home furnishings, fashion accessories, metalwork, and woodwork all over the world. With more than 20 years of expertise working with both local and foreign clients, we are an industry leader. We are a trusted handicraft buying agency and customer satisfaction, product quality and effective costs are given utmost importance here at our company.

We are a dynamic handicraft buying agency in Noida who enthusiastic about the product. We promise a range of offering levels thanks to our keen attention to detail, our access to first-rate production facilities, and our dedication to international quality standards. In order to provide the items at the appropriate pace to the retail sector’s continuously changing needs, we closely monitor every stage of the operations we do.

A skilled team of merchandisers and designers at Panoramic Sourcing has all the knowledge about the design-to-shelf process. Making the design ambitions of our clients a reality via the fusion of innovation and creativity with their objectives is our area of competence. The office of our handicraft buying agency is situated in Noida City Industrial Area, a nearby city to Delhi. At Panoramic Sourcing, our team of handicrafts sourcing agents enjoys working with a range of clients, including boutiques, wholesalers, importers, online retailers, and major worldwide fashion retailers.

In order to satisfy the demands and expectations of our clients, we offer the best combination of regional and cultural knowledge with market competence through our handicraft buying agents, who have years of industry experience. We are dedicated to making sure that your business benefits from elements like cost-effective sustainable sourcing, exacting quality control, and timely order fulfillment. Every time you purchase goods from India, we work to ensure that your company’s bottom line increases. As a well-known handicraft buying agency in Noida, we place a premium on customer happiness.

Handicraft Sourcing

We have a specialized staff that handles all of our clients’ sourcing needs and works with handcrafted goods. Since most artisans are found in rural areas, sourcing handicrafts can be challenging. However, thanks to our manufacturing network, we have connections with all the artisans that can meet all of your sourcing needs. Metals, stones, cookware, ornamental planters, wooden handicrafts, etc. are among the things we deal in.

Handcraft Industry; An Important Sector In India

One of India’s oldest and largest industries is handcraft production. This sector, which is largely cottage-based and predominately found in small towns and rural areas, is a key part of the Indian economy and is vital in the global handicraft industry. The United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Latin American companies, Italy, the Netherlands, and Canada are the major international markets for the wide range of handcrafted goods produced by Indian producers.
In FY21, India exported handicrafts for a total of 126 billion INR. Millions of people all around India have had their lives dramatically improved by the handicrafts industry, which forms the foundation of the country’s rural economy. Handicrafts are sold to countries like the United States and Europe at a consistent growth rate of 20% annually.

Handicraft Products – India Sourcing

How Our Company Sources Handicrafts?

Our handicraft sourcing agents collaborate with industry experts to use both contemporary and traditional techniques to create their products, which are then quickly delivered to customers. The development of a supply chain with skill specialisation, achievable/acceptable social standards, high employment potential, already-established international presence, traditional knowledge base, etc. combined with rich traditions of excellence in arts and crafts have led to handicraft exports worth over 125+ billion Indian rupees in 2021.

Other Products We Source

Leather Goods
We are an elite sourcing company that deals in all types of leather products. Our main objective is to help our clients get top quality leather products from well-reputed manufacturers. We deal in leather shoes, leather belts, leather wallets, leather sandals, etc. according to the requirements of our customers.
Home Furnishings
We can also help our clients to source household items such as curtains, aprons, cushions, towels, etc. Our sourcing agents have connections with some of the best manufacturers who can easily fulfill all your sourcing requirements.
Fashion Accessories
The ever changing fashion industry requires a lot of orders that are in accordance with the latest fashion trends. Whether it is jewellery, fashion bags or scarfs, we got it all covered out for you. Our product sourcing specialists will take care of all your sourcing needs and make sure that you get your desired products.

Why Choose Our Services?

If all of your products pass a required examination and comply with employment standards, we will only be able to give you a thorough and ethically acceptable sourcing policy. Due to the fact that our handicraft buying agents only do business with reputable manufacturers in India, we can only provide high-end products.

Anytime, day or night, you may get in touch with our customer service representatives, who will answer your questions and solve any issues. Communication problems are less frequent because our customer service staff members speak English fluently. Being one of the best websites for product sourcing, customer happiness is our top priority.

Working with us will undoubtedly boost your business’ profitability since we provide the most competitive pricing on the market. Because of our large countrywide network, we can give you the greatest service imaginable. Our product procurement specialists are excellent negotiators, so you can be sure you’ll get the things at the lowest possible price.

We are able to obtain the lowest price for our customers because to our unrivalled negotiation abilities and ability for productive connections with suppliers. Our reputation as a top wooden handicraft buying agency ensures that the client will obtain high-quality goods just by virtue of our brand.


Frequently Asked Question

One of the best sourcing firms in the nation, Panoramic Sourcing Services, provides its customers with high-quality sourced goods.

Our specialist leather buying agents at Panoramic Sourcing Company handles all of our clients’ leather sourcing needs. We source handicraft products like wooden handicrafts, kitchenware, metals, etc.

Our primary principle is ensuring quality, and another one is ensuring client satisfaction. Thus, you can be confident that every time you buy something, it will be of high quality.

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