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Panoramic Sourcing is a well-known Indian product sourcing firm that offers customers throughout the world, handcrafted woodwork and metal items, fashion accessories, leather goods, and home furnishings. We are an industry leading company that has more than 2 decades of experience working with domestic as well as international clients.

Our leather buying agents have years of experience in the industry and we provide the optimal fusion of regional and cultural understanding with market expertise in order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We are committed to ensuring that your company gains from factors like affordable sustainable sourcing, stringent quality control, and on-time order fulfillment. We aim to make sure your business’s bottom line improves each time you buy products from India. Being a well known leather buying house in Delhi , client satisfaction is our core value.

We are a creative, energised team that is passionate about the Product. With a strong eye for detail, access to top-notch production facilities, and commitment to global quality standards, we guarantee a variety of offering levels. We carefully monitor every step of the operations we carry out in order to provide the goods to the constantly evolving retail sector at the required rate.

At Panoramic Sourcing, a professional team of merchandisers and designers has expertise in the design-to-shelf process. Our expertise is merging innovation and creativity with our clients’ design aspirations to make those dreams a reality. Our sourcing company’s office is located in Noida City Industrial Area, a city close to Delhi. Our team of leather buying agents at Panoramic Sourcing is pleased to work with a variety of customers, such as boutiques, wholesalers, importers, online stores, and big international fashion retailers.

Leather Sourcing

India’s producers of leather goods are highly known around the world. In the world of leather, India has a prominent position. India-based producers of leather goods sell their products to consumers in more than 200 different nations, including the USA, Germany, Italy, France, and the UK.
Shoes made of leather and leather accessories like belts, wallets, purses, and bags are popular items. India accounts for 12.93% of global leather output, with a total export value of USD 3.30 billion for leather, leather goods, and footwear in FY21. More than 4 million people are employed by India’s leather industry, which is a highly employment-intensive sector.

How We Source Leather Products?

These makers of leather goods provide a wide range of leather goods, including wallets, purses, and other leather accessories in addition to leather clothing. India’s leather footwear producers are a significant part of the group of companies that make leather goods. The majority of Indian leather buying house work with designers and leather production experts to provide their consumers a broad range of styles thanks to the manufacturing facilities’ high-tech machinery.
The experts in quality control guarantee adherence to requirements as well as the highest standards of quality. The potential for personalization, including private labelling, whether it be for apparel, leather accessories, or other products, through routine purchase or contract production, is a key factor.


Other Products We Source

Home Furnishings
Additionally, we can assist our clients in finding home furnishings like curtains, aprons, pillows, towels, etc. Our sourcing representatives can easily meet all of your sourcing needs because they are connected to some of the greatest manufacturers.
Leather-based Goods
We have a specialised staff that handles all of our clients' sourcing needs and works with handcrafted goods. Since most artisans are found in rural areas, sourcing handicrafts can be challenging. However, thanks to our manufacturing network, we have connections with all the artisans that can meet all of your sourcing needs.
Fashion Items
The ever evolving fashion sector need numerous orders that follow the most recent fashion trends. Whether you're looking for jewellery, fashionable purses, or scarves, we have you covered. Our product sourcing experts will take care of all of your sourcing requirements and make certain that you receive the items you want.

Our Distinguishing Factors

We can only provide you with a comprehensive and morally acceptable sourcing policy if all of your items pass an inspection requirement and adhere to employment norms. Our leather buying agents only work with approved manufacturing partners in India, allowing us to only deal in high quality goods.

Because of our unmatched negotiating skills and capacity for successful relationships with suppliers, we are able to secure the lowest price for our clients. As we are a leading leather buying house in Delhi, our name itself is enough to ensure that the client will receive top products.

You may contact our customer support agents at any time, day or night, and they will respond to your inquiries and address any problems. Due to the fluency of our customer service staff members’ English, communication issues are less common. Client satisfaction is our primary goal as one of the greatest product sourcing websites.

Working with us will surely increase your company’s profitability because we provide the market’s most aggressive price. We are able to provide you with the best service conceivable because of our extensive nationwide network. You may be confident that you will receive the items at the most affordable pricing thanks to our product sourcing professionals’ great negotiating abilities.


Frequently Asked Question

Panoramic sourcing services is one of the country’s leading sourcing company that offer top class sourced products to its clients.

At Panoramic sourcing company, we have a dedicated leather buying house that takes care of all the leather sourcing requirements of our clients. We deal in leather products like belts, shoes, wallets, etc.

Quality assurance is our core value and making sure that our client is satisfied is another. Hence, you can be sure that you will always get a good quality product.