India Sourcing Delight: Unveiling the Essence of Indian Handicrafts at IHGF Delhi Fair 2024


In the heart of Delhi-NCR, where tradition meets innovation, the 57th edition of the IHGF Delhi Fair 2024 is set to captivate the world with the mesmerizing tapestry of India’s handicrafts. This grand event, organized by the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH), stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and artistic brilliance that define Indian craftsmanship. With over three decades of history, IHGF has evolved into one of the world’s largest fairs, showcasing the finest creations in home, lifestyle, fashion, furnishing, and furniture, making it a premier destination for India Sourcing.

The Magnificent Showcase:

As the doors of the India Expo Centre swing open, visitors will be greeted by an awe-inspiring display of creativity and skill. More than 3000 manufacturers and exporters will converge, bringing forth a comprehensive collection of handcrafted wonders for India Sourcing. The fair spans across 14 product categories, creating a diverse and immersive experience for attendees. From intricately designed home décor to exquisite fashion pieces, the IHGF Delhi Fair is a treasure trove for retailers, importers, wholesalers, and design professionals engaging in India Sourcing.

The EPCH Advantage:

At the core of IHGF’s success is the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH), the driving force behind this grand event and a cornerstone for India Sourcing. Established in 1994, EPCH has played a pivotal role in promoting and nurturing the Indian handicraft industry. Representing manufacturers and member exporters across various sectors, including home, lifestyle, fashion, furnishing, and furniture, EPCH has become the guiding light for artisans seeking global recognition through India Sourcing.

Diverse Product Offerings:

The IHGF Delhi Fair 2024 boasts an impressive array of products, each telling a unique story of India’s cultural diversity, making it an ideal hub for India Sourcing. Home décor enthusiasts will find themselves in a haven of creativity, with products ranging from traditional artifacts to contemporary designs. Lifestyle aficionados can explore handcrafted accessories that seamlessly blend tradition with modern aesthetics. Fashionistas will be drawn to the exquisite garments and accessories that showcase the intricate craftsmanship of Indian artisans for India Sourcing.

Furnishing and Furniture Extravaganza:

One of the highlights of IHGF Delhi Fair is the extensive range of furnishing and furniture products on display, providing a golden opportunity for India Sourcing. From ornate wooden furniture that echoes India’s royal past to contemporary furnishings that redefine elegance, the fair offers a comprehensive look at the evolution of Indian design. The seamless integration of traditional techniques with innovative concepts is evident in every piece, making IHGF a hub for trendsetting designs in the global market for India Sourcing.

Networking and Business Opportunities for India Sourcing:

Beyond the visual feast of handicrafts, IHGF Delhi Fair is a crucial platform for business networking and collaborations, especially for India Sourcing. The fair attracts a global audience of retailers, importers, and design professionals seeking to connect with the best in the industry. It serves as a bridge between Indian artisans and international markets, fostering trade relationships that go beyond borders, providing a unique opportunity for businesses to engage in India Sourcing. With over 300 design developments and 3000 new product expressions, IHGF provides a unique opportunity for businesses to stay ahead in the competitive market and excel in India Sourcing.

Preserving Traditions, Empowering Artisans:

IHGF Delhi Fair goes beyond being a marketplace; it is a celebration of India’s artistic heritage and a commitment to empowering artisans for India Sourcing. The fair provides a platform for skilled craftsmen to showcase their talents, preserving traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. Through the fair, EPCH aims to create sustainable livelihoods for artisans, ensuring the continuity of India’s rich handicraft legacy, making it a prime attraction for India Sourcing.


As the curtains rise on the 57th IHGF Delhi Fair 2024, the world will witness the convergence of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and commerce, offering an unparalleled opportunity for India Sourcing. This grand celebration of Indian handicrafts is not just an exhibition; it is a testament to the enduring legacy of artisans who pour their heart and soul into every creation. IHGF Delhi Fair stands as a beacon, guiding the world to appreciate, embrace, and invest in the timeless beauty of Indian handicrafts, establishing it as the ultimate destination for India Sourcing. In the corridors of the India Expo Centre, a cultural symphony unfolds, connecting the best of India’s handicrafts to the world and setting the stage for a remarkable journey in India Sourcing.

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